John Herring is a singer/songwriter, raised on an
estate in Salford and writes songs influenced by
the urban street scenes in which he grew up and
the relationships around him.

Raised on an estate in Salford, in a household where music from Bacharach and David to Tchaikovsky was played it is safe to say that John's influences have been many and varied. A combination of turntables, tubas, bass guitars and acoustic guitars made their way through John's life before he began writing his own songs.
John’s music is influenced by his early classical upbringing whereby strings, piano and brass make a regular appearance on his tracks, yet there is always a mix of indie, soul and cinema about the songs that he plays.. John has a string of great live shows to his name and two studio albums - 'Tales from a Northern City' and 'It Starts Again'.

Influences and Comparisons:
Elbow, I Am Kloot, The Blue Nile, Roddy Frame, John Martyn, Doves, Peter Gabriel, The Smiths, Paul Heaton

John has brought together a new line up of fantastic musicians alongside himself and long standing lead guitarist John Miles including a four piece horn section. John is bringing his mix of driving yet soulful and cinematic music to venues across the country.

Line Up:
John Herring - Guitar & Vocals;
John Miles - Guitars; Dave Smylie - Bass & Backing Vox; 'The General' - Drums & Backing Vox; Mark Jones - Trumpet; Ian Cull - Trumpet; Julia Kinch - French Horn; Al Burrows - Trombone.